Glass and Window protection Film

Glass and Window protection Film, provide a temporary protective layer to the glass & window. Suitable for internal and external use.


This is very useful protective film for building construction or renovation and suitable for the use in bad weather situation. The film seal the glass easily, the strength increase with respect to the seal area, it help strengthen the window. The protective layer stops paint, mortar, chemical splashes landing directly on the expensive glass. It is the most effective temporary protection to the glass & window, easily remove will not leave any adhesive residual, greatly reduce the clean up time prior to hand over the project. Not only a protection but a big save of labor cost.


We also provide UV protection products.


Outdoor glass protection film plastic film manufacturer 

Ritian company is a manufacturer of surface protection products in shenzhen, China since 2005. We are dedicated to quality and customer service. Our product lines are ever expanding as Research and Development seeks to address our customers changing needs and enter into new markets as technology continues to rapidly evolve.


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