Frequently Asked Questions for Ritian protection film

FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions


We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions.If you don't see yours please send us email and let us know your question.


Regarding Samples

1. What products are available to sample?

    We have an entire sample area stocked with many of our standard products. These products are shipped same day. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we will manufacture it for you.

2. How can I get a sample of one of your products?

    Email us or Talk to our sales rep and we will make sure that we send you what you need for proper testing.


3. Is the sample free?

    General speaking, the sample is free except customized special sample . Freight collected.


Regarding Quotes & Pricing

1.  How soon can you get me a quote?

     Our quotes are complete within 12 ~24 hours if all the necessary criteria are known. 


2.  What is your terms of payment?

     Payment<2000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>2000USD, 30% TT in advance ,balance before shipment.


Regarding Lead time & order minimums

1.   What is your standard lead time?

      5 ~ 15 Working Days for all our standard products. 10 ~ 20 working days for customized special products.

2.   When does a lead time become not standard?

      Add one such as material perforation or printing will add additional production days to your order.

3.  What is the minimum order?

    Our minimum order for standard products is 20,000 square meters. Customizing the type of film or adding print can increase that minimum 30,000 square meters.

4.    How many square meters is there on a roll?

       Roll size varies based on the length and width of the roll. By multiplying the width of the roll by the length of the roll, square meters per roll can be calculated. This will help you understand how many rolls are required for your order.


Regarding Protection Film

1.  Does Ritian company blow their own film?

    Yes. We specialize in the formulating and coating adhesive and cohesive. This allows us to offer the end user a wider variety of film options.


2.  Do you have one protective film product that works for everything?

     All of our products are custom made to specific surfaces. This is why we can confidently say that no residue will be left behind.


Regarding Add printing to your material

1.  How many colors can you print

    We have the capability to print up to 2 colors on film . Print designs that incorporate 2-3 colors should be reviewed with our sales rep to ensure that the registration requirements can be met.


2.  What do I need to provide to add print to my project?

     Every print job requires a print plate and Letter of Authorization of brand.

3.  Does adding print to my order affect the minimum order requirements?

    Adding print to your order will cause our minimum order requirements to increase to 30,000 square meters.

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