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  • PE Film Roll
  • PE Film Roll
  • PE Film Roll
PE Film RollPE Film RollPE Film Roll

PE Film Roll

  • easy to peel off
  • 100% virgin PE material
  • no residue after peeling off
  • Good antistatic ability
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Pe Film Roll

length: 50~2000m
width: 50~2000mm
thickness: 30~150um
Color: transparent/blue/milk/black-white, any color you like
Packing: cartons or pallets.
high quantity and good quality,
Our service: We can provide you free samples and you can enjoy the best service after selling


1) It's so easy to peel off.
2) 100% virgin PE material and also soft.
3) After removed the products , there is no residue.
4) Good and steady adhesion.
5) Good antistatic ability.
6) High temperature resistance.

7) It's so easy to stick on any products.

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