Car Paint Protection Film

  • Car paint surface protection film
  • Car paint surface protection film
  • Car paint surface protection film
Car paint surface protection film Car paint surface protection film Car paint surface protection film

Car paint surface protection film

  • 100% virgin PE material
  • UV resistiance
  • no residue after peeling off
  • stable adhesive
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Car paint surface protection film

RITIAN auto protective films against potential damage to automotive surfaces during manufacturing through to shipping to the dealer. It can help you to save you time and money, ensuring that your vehicle’s surfaces are protected from scratches, marring or staining that could cause costly rework. Our films are tested and approved to withstand the toughest UV, acid alkali and outdoor conditions in Haikou City, Hainan Province. Our automotive films are designed to protect against chemical and physical damage during manufacturing, assembly, and shipping. Our transit protective films have been carefully tested and approved to meet the toughest OEM standards and guidelines.

Technical Data:

Film Type PE (Polyethylene) Film
Thickness 70 micron (0.07mm)
Adhesive Type Acrylic
Adhesion on steel Medium
Cololr Milky White
Elongation 300%
Heat Resistance 80 ℃ ( 140℉)
Transport and storage condition Temperature 15 to 30 ℃ ( 59 to 86℉)


6 Months

How to Apply Car Transport Film

Our Car Transport film is designed to adhere to vehicle's exterior surfaces including metal, paint, and plastic. Application is as simple as applying a sticker! Simply roll the film onto the areas of the vehicle that require protection. If you wish to cover multiple areas of the vehicle or the entire vehicle, we recommend applying the layers so that they overlap along the edges. Many auto manufacturers use this film to protect the front bumper only, however, the film can be applied to all areas of the vehicle to provide total protection against damage. Our car transport film features an adhesive that is easily removable, so if you apply film to an unwanted area, simply remove and reposition. Once your car arrives at the destination, simply remove the film and your car should be good to go.

This film should always be applied to a clean surface to ensure proper adhesion. We generally recommend applying the wrap starting in the rear of the vehicle and moving towards the front, which prevents the edges of the wrap from coming loose during the transportation process as the vehicle is exposed to high wind resistance. The only exception to this rule would be if the vehicle is being loaded into the truck backwards, in which case we recommend applying the wrap from the front of the vehicle working towards the back. We also recommend that you avoid applying the film in high wind conditions whenever possible to prevent dirt and dust from becoming trapped under the film which could prevent proper adhesion and result in the film lifting during transport.

Why Us

We have over 16 years of experience in the protection film industry, OEM & ODM and custom & bespoke orders are acceptable. we can adapt our protection film parameters to a specific characteristics suitable for your business or special need.

Ritian Automotive Protective Film are tested and approved for exposure to the elements. We offer a lower cost point for vehicles or components that the film will be removed prior to vehicle shipment.These films have limited resistance to UV and outdoor conditions. We manufacture a full line of temporary protection films and special UV films with clean removal adhesives. With years of export experience along with excellent quality,advanced services and competitive prices, Ritian has won numerous customers' trust and support.

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